Maintenance & Repairs

Trained professionals

Personalised servicing from trained professionals

At Commercial Dry Cleaning Solutions, our qualified technicians are on staff and part of the family. We never sub-contract to maintenance personnel because we are unable to vouch for their expertise. Wherever you are in Australia, our technicians can promptly pay you a visit to carry out scheduled servicing or repair faults.


Prolong the life of your machinery

Our technicians are specially trained to extend the life of your equipment. With respect for the technology and craftsmanship involved, we care for your machinery the way the manufacturer intended.

Servicing from professionals

Servicing from professionals who know your business

Forget having to explain your business to each new sub-contractor who comes out. Liaising with a COMDCS technician eliminates the hassle of trusting a stranger with valuable inventory. Our technicians understand your commercial history. To them, you’re a valued client – not just a ticket number.


Let’s talk shop.

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